Who we are

We are the experts in data driven communications.

Since 1999 we have been generating outstanding results for our clients through highly personalized, relevant, and interactive DATA driven communications. 

Your goal may be to acquire new customers or talent. Or, you may want to improve customer or employee retention. Whatever your objective, TVG can help.

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Years of experience

30% +

Average ROI

5M +

Data Points Analyzed

10M +

Waste Reduced

We are results driven

Our results speak for themselves.

Being multi-channel, we delight in helping our clients successfully deploy fully individualized Print and/or on-demand, digital e-presentment, available anytime, anywhere. Why not let your prospect, customer or employee decide which channel suits them. 

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Have your customer experience unified across all media regardless of the recipient’s path to conversion or purchase. We understand the moving parts involved in the preparation and delivery of effective programs.

Creative Design and Planning

Let our team of communications professionals lend their expertise and industry insights to make your next communications project a resounding success!

Data Driven Creative

TVG has the best technical artists in the business. Whether your media of choice is print, email or branded web portal, we’ll work with you to help bring your ideas to life and curate content that drives ROI.

Campaign Development

Through technical resource planning, campaign strategy & deployment, to gathering analytics & reporting; TVG can simplify the process and ensure your project is standardized and compliant, while remaining on time and on budget.

Maximize your results with TVG

-Run  -Measure  -Optimize  -Repeat

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In addition to our traditional print and digital campaigns, TVG has developed a Cloud Based engine that can generate a pixel-by-pixel completely Individualized web presentment and/or downloadable PDF. From intuitively built online web forms, a user (ex: prospect, student, sales reps, customer …..etc.) can generate and have delivered dynamically an individualized, completely tailored PDF showcasing only information that they are looking for.

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Do you have no data, bad data, or you are swimming in an ocean of big data?
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